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The Fish
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Fishing Gear:

Spinning Gear: read more..

The most popular style of fishing reel in use today, the Spinning reel is generally easy to use and tangle free. Spinning reels are available in sizes that would make catching the smallest fish a challenge, all the way up to sizes large enough to catch some of the big offshore game fish. Like all fishing equipment, spinning reels vary greatly in price.

Bait Casting Gear: read more..

Though more difficult to use than other types of reels, the baitcasting reel can be a deadly tool when targeting fish close to structure such as dock pylons and trees / etc; Your thumb is your best friend when using a bait casting reel. Bait Casting reels can be used for small to medium fish where pin-point accuracy is a must.

Conventional Gear: read more..

Larger cousing to the bait casting reel, the conventional reel operates essentially the same, and is again, more difficult to operate than other types of reels; again, your thumb is your best friend when casting one of these reels. Conventional reels handle from medium to large fish, and can be used nearly anywhere spinning reel is used.

Trolling Gear: read more..

Similar in construction to conventional reel, the trolling reel is really made for the whoppers of all gamefish, including Marlin and big Sharks. With a reel this size, casting is less of an issue, as the typical deployment of the bait or lure is more a matter of free-lining the reel to get it to the desired distance away from the boat at the desired depth. Trolling reels come in many forms, including reels with multiple gear ratios for fighting the real monster fish.

Fly Fishing Gear: read more..

Fly Fishing Gear is a completely different monster, and truly tests the skill of the angler. Fly Fishing requires the angler to use the extreme flexibility of the rod, and the weight of the line itself to properly present the lure (fly) to the targeted fish. The Fly Rod has an extreme amount of flexibility, and is for the angler wanting to feel every ounce of the fight of the fish.

Fishing Line: read more..

Fishing line is spooled onto the fishing reel, and is what "ties" the angler to his catch. There are different types of lines available; ultra-thin braided line, braided nylon, braided dacron, monofilament, flurocarbon, and of course fly line. Each line has advantages and disadvantages, but more and more anglers are switching to the new ultra-thin braided lines.

Hooks: read more..

Hooks come in many different sizes and shapes, for many different uses, with differnt numbers of "barbs", and can be made of many different materials. Selecting the right hook, and rigging it the right way is absolutely mandatory for catching your fish.

Lures: read more..

Lures are artificial representations of baitfish, shrimp, squid, insects, etc. that are used to attract fish. There are many different types of lures; jerk baits, swim baits, spoons, jigs, etc. Lures are arguably better than live or dead bait as the selection of colors, and ease of swapping lures makes it easier to target fish with a wider array of possibilities than keeping as many different types of bait fresh, and available when fishing.

Flies: read more..

Flies are lures used with fly fishing gear. Like lures, there are many different types and colors of flies for targeting different species of game fish. Also like lures, each type of fly requires a different type of presentation to the fish for optimum performance.

Baits: read more..

"Baits" is the term typically associated with what are / were live living creatures. Baits come in many forms as well; cut bait, frozen whole bait, live bait, etc. Bait commonly used on the Treasure Coast includes Shrimp, Mullet, Ballyhoo, Sand Fleas, Crabs, and much more. Most (but not all baits), can not only be caught, but purchased as well. There is usually a couple differnt baits that will work for each fish specie found locally.

Nets: read more..

Whether trying to catch bait, land your catch, or select a live baitfish from a livewell, there are nets for just about every use when fishing. Selecting the right net for the job can save hours of frustration.

Fishing Boats: read more..

Just like all fishing gear, there is different types of fishing boats best used for targeting each species of fish. Whether sneaking up on Snook on the flats, or chasing Dolphin well off shore, boat selection is nearly as important as selecting the right fishing rod and reel.

Permit: read more..

Location: Beach, Inshore, Ocean

Fight: One of the best gamesters with stubborn long pulling runs.

Pompano: read more..

Location: Beach, Inshore, Ocean

Fight: Pound for Pound, one of the best. Willing fighter with a hard pull and strong runs.

Redfish: read more..

Location: Beach, Ocean, Inshore

Fight: Very strong and stubborn. Heavy runs are a "Reds" forte.

Sailfish: read more..

Location: Beach, Ocean

Fight: Like the Marlin only smaller, this fish is top of the line for speed, acrobatic ability and strength of pull. A top notch gamester.

Seatrout: read more..

Location: Beach, Inshore, Ocean

Fight: Not very strong, but a strong striker and the lighter the gear - the better the fight. May jump and put on a good show, but no long runs.

Sheepshead: read more..

Location: Beach, Ocean, Inshore

Fight: Not a hard striker but a good pull. The lighter the tackle the better the fight.

Snook: read more..

Location: Beach, Inshore

Fight: Very strong and has endurance. Heavy runs and flashy jumping make the snook an excellent battle. Will seek stumps, pilings and roots to make landing even more a challenge.

Spanish Mackerel: read more..

Location: Beach, Inshore, Ocean

Fight: A speedy, sharp runner.

Tarpon: read more..

Location: Beach, Inshore

Fight: A prehistoric monster with showy jumps and fight to match its large size and strength. A good gamester to say the least.

Wahoo: read more..

Location: Ocean

Fight: Intial strike may be flashy, after that initial show, fight is characterized by fast sharp runs. A speedster with a stubborn mind, especially when drawn to the surface.