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Hot Spots; Inshore:

The Treasure Coast of Florida has undoubtably some of the best inshore fishing in the world!

Grass Flats West Shore: Located North of the Power Plant and South of the Fort Pierce Inlet, on the West Side of the Indian River, there is several areas of grass-flats. These grass flats provide some of the best fishing year round. From November to March, you'll find a very good Seatrout and Redfish bite, while June to October the Snook bite really picks up.

Grass Flats East Shore: Located across from the Grass Flats on the West Shore, the grass flats on the East Shore of the Indian River provide a fairly good year round Seatrout bite.

Middle Cove: Located just North of the Grass Flats on the East Shore, Middle Cove is another area that provides a good year round Seatrout bite.

Little Mud Creek: Located just South of the Grass Flats on the East Shore, Little Mud Creek is another area that provides a good year round Seatrout bite, but a very strong Seatrout bite in the winter months.

Big Mud Creek Area: Located right at the Power Plant on the East side of the Indian River, you'll find a gem of a fishing area. This area incorporates Big Mud Creek, Blind Creek, the Blind Creek Flats, and Hermans Bay Point (The Honey Hole). This is a good year round fishing area for the likes of Seatrout, Snook, Tarpon and Redfish.

Channel Shoals: Located along the channel all along the river, there are many shoals and small spoil islands. These shoals can be a good place to catch some Seatrout from January to March as they run through the river.

Eden Shoreline / West Shoreline: Starting North of the Jensen Beach Causeway, across the river from Nettles Islands, is Eden Shoreline, and a mile to a mile and a half of Eden Shoreline is the West Shoreline. This area of the shoreline has many docks along it which provide a great location for catching both Seatrout and Snook. You can find Seatrout year round, with the best time being December to April. The Snook bite is good between May and October, with the best months being June to September.

Joe's Point: Just South of the Jensen Beach Causeway, on the East side of the river, you'll find Joe's Point. Joe's point is a good place to go if you're targeting Snapper, pretty much a year round area for that species. From February to September it's also a good place to target Seatrout and Jack Crevalle, with the peak Seatrout months being February to September, and the peak Jack Crevalle months being May to July.

Bessie Cove: Just South of the Stuart Causeway, on the East Side of the River, you'll find the Bessie Cove area. All along the area is a large grass flats area, as well as a large number of docks. The grass flate, as well as the other flats areas in the river, is a good spot for catching some Seatrout from November to April, while the docks can be a good place to find Redfish and Snook. The Redfish bite is good from November to March, while the Snook bite is best between April to October.

Sailfish Point: The North side of the Saint Lucie Inlet is an area known as Sailfish Point. As you round the point and head North, there is a large flats area. The Sailfish Point area provides an excellent fishing spot, primarily for Snook between the months of April and September. Use caution when boating in this area as it's a maze of shallows that can groud your boat in the blink of an eye.

Sewalls Point Docks (Indian River Side): Across the Indian River from Sailfish Point, you'll find Sewalls Point, and it's associated docks. The Indian River side of Sewalls Point is a great year round point to target Snook.

Sewalls Point Docks (Saint Lucie River Side): On the Saint Lucie River side of Sewalls Point is another series of docks, that hold even more fish. From November to March, you'll find a good concentration of Redfish and Flounder, while April to October will show good numbers of Snook. Peak Snook months in this area is from July to October.

Port Sewalls Docks / Hells Gate: As you round the Southern most tip of Sewalls point, and start heading North up the Saint Lucie River, the narrowest point (about 1/2 a mile North West of the point) is an area known as Hells Gate. This area (Port Sewall and Hells Gate) provides some excellent year round fishing. While you'll find the docks an excellent place for Snook year round, the Channel side provides a solid fishery for Jack Crevalle, Ladyfish and Bluefish from December to March.